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Serie of 7 botanical tables and a pocket herbarium - 2019

Collaboration with Felipe Celis and Taller Trez

This project is based on direct contact with nature, a detailed observation of plants, how they relate to each other and especially how they change depending on the characteristics of the ecosystem.

In order to find as much biodiversity as possible, the project is based on two of the most different ecosystems in the Colombian territory, the Matarrendonda moor and the northern end of the Guajira desert.

Herbario de una Expedición Gráfica, is a graphic project composed of 7 botanical tables, each in a limited edition of 10 printed copies in silkscreen, corresponding to 4 plant species discovered in the moor and 3 in the Guajira. In parallel all the plants were collected in a pocket herbarium, where you can also find the botanical data sheet of each one, as well as the special characteristics that they have and a small description of their ecosystems, with an emphasis on the present adversities, which are fundamental for the development of new plant species.


All prints were silk-screened in 10-copy edition, with water-based ink on Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Softwhite 270g, 50 x 64 cm. The Herbarium of pocket was printed in offset in edition of 30 copies on paper Bulki 90g. The covers were silkscreen printed on Favini Crush Kiwi 250g paper, 36 pages, 13.5 x 21 cm.


No plant was injured in carrying out this project. All the used papers are of eco-sustainable production..​

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