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participative performance


This project wants to focus on the concept of care. It was first born during the online art residency Incorporare organized by Artemisia Collective in the frame of Black Brazil Art Bienal, in which a group of 10 women artists met twice a week during one month to share practices and ideas.


In this context, as participants, we decided to work on a common need with the help of the group: in the frenzy of everyday life we would like to exercise our right to reclaim our time: doing nothing, stopping overthinking.

We met for individual interviews asking each woman a way to reconnect and take care of herself.


After collecting the personal practices of this group of women (meditation, walks in the nature, drawing, food...) we spent a week in an isolated place to try these actions and get familiare with them. We took time and space to create a ritual that is a tribute to “liberated” time: from work, from production, from relationships, from external judgment and from self-judgment, from housework, from social obligations.


After the reinterpretation of these gestures we would like to involve a larger community to experience the whole ritual-performance in a participatory action.


The aim is to generate a circular process in which each participant will join a ritual created by the previous group, and will suggest a personal way of self care as a gift for the following participants.


The first 9 collected actions are:

meditate / feed yourself / connect with nature / explore / reappropiate of your origins / keep a diary / walk / take care of plants / share creativity / get lost


After collecting the first suggested methods and transforming them in a performance, we are now looking for different groups to involve in the participative phase.

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