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Explorations, participative art project - 2018

When I was asked to think of an exhibition that presented my research method: in that context I decided to walk a new path, I showed my means of expressive, but at the same time I asked the public to show their personal languages, and make them available for a collective work.

So was born Spore a shared path that invites people to visit places and to realize a choral artistic project starting from the sensibilities of a group, reporting a story of spaces visited in an exploratory way by people equipped with shared artistic research tools. The project involves the direct participation of the public in the creative process, leading people to explore a specific type of space in the city: the residue. The concept of friche or delaissè (leftover green spaces in the cities) belongs to the theories of Gilles Clement on the third landscape, it entered my sphere of interest accompanied by a period of research on plant intelligence, and flora’s systems and social organizations.

I see the residue as an ecologically, socially and politically significant space, and so bringing a group of people to observe and interact with such places means for me to activate a thought and to questioning.


The leftover generated from the lack of attention of urbanization and industrialization, opens up the possibility of imagining an alternative use of space and why not, an alternative use of time compared to what our society suggests. So a waste suddenly becomes an opportunity, something useless becomes something free and beautiful. The residue does not produce profit, but produces oxygen and biodiversity, the residue is on the fence, it is not destined, it is precarious by definition, for this reason it is a space of collective possibilities, of thought, of action, of openness to diversity and movement.


I would like to map these spaces, those which have a surface of a few centimeters or lots of meters, underlining that the possibility of imagination and self-determination can arise from something very small and become larger but only after traing the vision.

From the first stage of mapping to create a personal awareness I would like to move on to sharing. Being physically in a residue allows you to breathe, free your gaze, your time and your thoughts. 

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