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Sculptures of branches - 2019

Collective work of Tumbleweed Wandering Artivism with Rebecca Sforzani

I shouldn't be here is a Land Art project that wants to focus attention on environmental sustainability theme: through a series of nests and bird structures extrapolated from the original context and re-proposed in places where they shouldn't be, the artists want to represent the consequences of climate change, a phenomenon that, among various catastrophic effects, forces many animals to move from the lands of origin.


scultura in rami

Bodrum, Turchia, marzo 2019

Ideazione e realizzazione: Maté Bodnar, Valentina Monari, Rebecca Sforzani

Fotografie: Edoardo Montaccini

Il giardiniere

rami ed elementi naturali, stampe a caratterimobili, candele

InsOrti - Festival d'arte performativa site-specific, Bologna, ltalia, luglio 2019

Ideazione e realizzazione: Valentina Monari, RebeccaSforzani

Fotografie: Roberto Melotti

Thick-billed weaver 

scultura in rami di salice e struttura metallica

lnternational Land Art Festival, Muslyumovo, Russia, giugno 2019

Ideazione e realizzazione: Valentina Monari, Rebecca Sforzani

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