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wall painting

varnish on shutter

280 x 380 cm

year 2016

Bolognina Community Project is a public art project co-designed by Baumhaus, the Albani Market and the Comprehensive Institute 5. The project involved 36 artists under the artistic direction of Andrea Bruno and was presented on Saturday 14 May at the BAUM - Bolognina Festival Urban Arts in Motion.
This project aims to open a reflection on what it means to "feel at home" today. At a time when the exhaustion of social ties, housing emergencies, and violent re-affirmation of boundaries make it clear the contradictions of our (contemporary) living we wanted to reinvent a space of proximity. Rare markets are by definition a neighborhood: Redesigning the shutters can mean facilitating the passage and meeting between the people living in the quarter - even after the closing time - making the crossing less lonely, airier and more involved.

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