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Performance nello spazio pubblico

La Coltivazione dello Sguardo (the gaze Growing) is an artistic project by Valentina Monari, Lara Norscia and Charlotte Van Bost inspired by the life, inventions and ideas of Mrs. S., a forgotten artist, who lived in the city between the 19th and 20th centuries.

The public was led on an experiential and participatory walk through the streets of the San Donato district and the halls of the Sonato Market. There, guided by the artists engaged in three performative actions, he retraced the life moments and salient experiences of Signora S .: the design of a botanical garden, the ecological protest, the desire to get to know others through a curious tool for drawing.

Her precursor thoughts, her provocative actions and her ideas were the basis for the creation of this project, which wants to bring to light a vision dense with utopia and topicality and lay the foundations for a first attempt at biographical drafting of life. her. At the end of the course, a poster-serigraph was given to each participant.

The cultivation of the gaze is the return of the artistic residence created thanks to the "Mercato Sonato - Immaginari peripherali" project, winner of the Creative Living Lab 2019 call.

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