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I love being on the borders of definitions: I come from printmaking but I am attracted by ways of expression such as installation and participatory art. My research often investigates the concordance between means and message, looking for the possibility of each language. 

In the last years, I started developing projects that use printmaking as a language open to reality: starting from a eld research, collecting objects and stories, recording footprints and traces, crea- ting experimental images. 

To me, printing is a meaningful medium, which expresses popularity and accessibility. It can have a bigger diffusion, more than a painting for instance, but it remains warmer than digital images. 

I have often worked in contact with communities living in the places where I found inspiration and in which I tried to build relationships, proposing participatory works and showing the process. 

Activism has recently entered my works, as a key element which leads me to interact with people and environment in the places I cross. Journeys and explorations became essentials in my research in order to reach pure observation, working more and more with collected materials and with simple and rarefied images. 

In 2016 I created a printmaking studio inside our shared space. I give workshops and courses for kids and adults at Checkpoint Charly, in schools, markets, squares and wherever art and printmaking brings me.


2018 Checkpoint Charly - CHAOS at Senza Nome: Ufficio Memorie – performance Bologna (IT) 

2017 Checkpoint Charly at Senza Nome: Sottotitolo - site specific installation Bologna (IT) 

2016 Small city Life by Associazione Poverarte, at Ateliersi, Bologna (IT) 

2015 ONE WAY - memoria / oblio, at Museo Laborantes, Castelluccio di Porretta (IT). 




2019  Ecolocalizacion, Sala de Belleza, Bogotà (COL)

Festival Estetica Expandida, Pasto (COL)

Herbario de una Expedicion Grafica, La Caja Galeria (COL)

You will never print alone #1, Checkpoint Charly, Bologna (IT) 

2018  Terzo non dato, SPORE at Checkpoint Charly, Bologna (IT)

2017  La camaraderie, by di Brass Centre Culturelle, at Brass, Bruxelles (BE)

2016  Pagine d’arte. Artisti, editori, collezionisti. by Manuela Candini, at Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna (IT)

Under pressure, curated by Maria Agata Amato, at Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna(IT)



2020 Centre d’Art Contemporani i Sostenibilitat El Forn de la Calç (CACiS)

2019  Taller rez, Bogotà, (COL)

2018  Oak: organic art kernell in Tuscany (IT) 

Lumen, nidi per scintille in Russi (IT)

Creatividad y Territorio in Ubaque, (COL), 

Nara, Nido de Aguilas Residencia Artistica, Villa de Leiva, (COL) 



2019  Ins/Orti festival, Bologna (IT)

Let Your Creativity Out, European volunteer service about Land Art and environmental issues (TRK)

Muslyumovo Land Art Festival (RU)

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